Protecting your legacy is all about making sure that 'what you have' lives on through many generations. Too often we see family members in a helpless situation after the demise of the earning member. They struggle to find what they need and may be forced to live a hand-to-mouth existence. Don't let that happen to your family, start planning early so that you can leave your legacy in the right hands.

Estate planning is all about making sure essential documents such as wills, power of attorney, titles and insurance policies are quickly accessible to your deputies.

  • SecureLifeVault gives your family peace of mind, confidence and convenience.
  • You can record all your financial information, personal details, critical information, passwords and reminders, in a single online digital vault.
  • This will keep your family members informed of all that you have accumulated in your lifetime.
  • The legacy section of the vault allows you to record testator details, property details, kind of assets, location of the will, power of attorney and details with regard to legal cases. Here you can store all information about your current cases (if any) and lawyer details. If at all your family falls in a trap and they have to seek legal advice, they can be rest assured of whom they can contact.
  • SecureLifeVault helps you plan better for the future and promises you better sleep at night.
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