What information you store in the SecureLifeVault is exclusive to you. You can be rest assured that your critical information is not accessible to anyone else but you. We will not share, rent or sell your information to any third party.

Providing unsurpassed security, no other online cloud-base storage system can offer such high level of privacy of your information.

  • Every piece of information you store in your online digital vault is encrypted multiple times.
  • We use bank level AES-256 encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and 2048-bit SSL certificate encryption (Secure Sockets Layer). These are some of the most secure encryption algorithms used by leading global financial institutions.
  • From the time you start uploading your files and information, the encryption process starts.
  • Only you and the beneficiaries you choose can access your vault.
  • No other third person can view your data, not even SecureLifeVault.
  • Apart from customer specific encryption, SecureLifeVault accounts are also protected by a two-factor authentication process, which ensures that only you and your deputies can access your account.
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