Security is our bread and butter and we put all our efforts in protecting your data. Here are the security measures we have taken to protect your data

  1. 2 Factor Authentication – In addition to your user id and password to login we have added an extra layer of security by enabling 2 Factor authentication. You can enable it in your account settings.
  2. We use bank level AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit highest assurance SSL certificate
  3. We also have tested our website for any vulnerabilities by Entersoft, an award-winning application security company. We have fixed all the identified vulnerabilities and our website is now hack-proof!
  4. We use unique encryption key for each user
  5. We use complex rotating key algorithm, which rotates the encryption key in a frequent interval
  6. Even SecureLifeVault employees can’t access your information as your information is stored in the database in encrypted form.

Digilocker is government of India’s initiative and it is a digital vault (locker) where you can access documents which are issued by 60+ issuer organizations tied up with Digilocker. You can also upload any of your documents.

Whereas,Securelifevaultisn’t just a document storage. We have put together 180+ critical fields under 13 categories so you will not forget to store any life critical information (personal, medical, education, life insurance, investments, legal documents, passwords etc…) which you and your family would need in case of an emergency.

Unique features of SecureLifeVault are:

  1. Reminders: You will get reminders for ALL important events (eg: Passport / License expiry, next doctor visit, Insurance premium renewal, maturity of an investment, even birthday’s of important people in your life etc…)
  2. You can decide what information to be shared with whom and when. If you want to share only personal and medical with your son/daughter but Insurance and financial with your spouse, you can do that.
  3. Access Alert: There is an option to restrict what information your dependents can see when you are alive. You will get access alert whenever they access your account.
  4. In case of death: God forbid, if something ever happens to you, entire information in your vault will be shared with your dependents (chosen by you), so the information doesn’t die along with you

Deputy: Deputy will have access to only those sections you have permitted

Emergency Deputy: is very similar to deputy during normal course of life. But incase of death, emergency deputy will get complete access to your vault. Whereas, deputy will not.

No. To just access your information, your deputy doesn’t need to take paid subscription. Even if your deputy’s free trial expires, he/she will have access to “Manage Deputies” section from where he/she can access your vault.

On mobile and email. There are 2 types of reminders you will get.

  1. Every Monday, you get an email for the list of events in that week
  2. On the day of the event, you will get a text message and an email

If your emergency deputy clicks “Report Emergency Button”, it will trigger “all is well”check. Only your Emergency deputy will have access to this button.

It is a period after which “all is well” check will be triggered. Ex: If you have chosen 3 months as your inactivity period and you haven’t logged in to the account for 3 months (90 days), on the 91st day “all is well” check will be triggered.

In case of an emergency (either you don’t login to your account for the inactivity period as set by you or your Emergency Deputy reports an emergency with you), series of 3 emails in a period of 15 days will be sent to you to check if all is well with you.

If you login to your account in these 15 days (after inactivity period), it will be considered that there is no emergency with you and your emergency deputy will not get full access to your vault.

If you don’t login during these 15 days, your emergency deputy will get complete access to your vault on the 16th day.

The “all is well” check will fail if you don’t login to your account due to any reason and your emergency deputy will get complete access to your vault.

You must choose only those whom you trust 100% as your emergency deputy.

When your paid subscription expires, it will start behaving like a basic account in which you can view/modify your vault information, but your deputies won’t have access to your vault.

You must choose only those whom you trust 100% as your emergency deputy. Don’t choose anyone whom you doubt that he/she might misuse your information.

In the event of unfortunate closure of the company for what so ever reasons, your data on the server will be deleted.

In any case, you have an option to download all your data in a PDF format from “Download My Data” section.

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