Streamlining Your Personal Data Could Save Your Family!

Streamlining Your Personal Data Could Save Your Family!

As we grow, we accumulate much more information. This leads to a pile up of important documents. The last thing we want is to hunt them all down during an emergency.

Kids are precious to parents. We keep many things as memories, be it their First Picture, hand print, their first appreciation letter, achievement certificate, communication card… every tiny piece of paper is quite precious to us. We do not want to lose them for any reason.

The kids lack a robust immunity system. We keep visiting doctors. Maintaining their prescriptions, medical history, and so on, is another daunting task. Medical records are things we should be able to get our hands on almost immediately. We should not be searching for them for hours or put them off for a day due to office or household work. We need a mechanism to retrieve the medical records (prescriptions) easily.

We invest in Mutual funds but forget to collect the money at the right time. We tend to miss the crucial documents that reveal the expiry dates. We need a mechanism to remind us of the important dates and have a copy of all such key documents.

There are few rich people who invest in real estate but managing the documents and keeping the family members informed about these properties is a big task for them, thanks to their busy schedule. We need a mechanism that maintains a copy of all the property documents and the family members are better informed about all the assets they own or get to inherit after we are gone.

We take insurance policies for various reasons, but the main reason is “We care for our family and we want to make sure they survive even if something happens to us”. Then why is 1,56,000 Crores unclaimed money lying with financial institutions in India? Because we take insurance policies, but never share the details with our family. If something happens to us, nobody even knows that there was a policy we had taken ten or twenty years ago.

All these (medical, insurance, financial, real estate purchases) will result in more additions to the already piled up documents. This involves two problem areas:

1) Our day-to-day life gets complicated with too many documents to search and maintain.

2) We forget to keep our family members informed of life critical information.



The steps are quite simple.

1) Register with Secure Life Vault.

2) Store life critical information.

3) Share with trusted family or friends.

Life is already short and so uncertain, but by signing up with Secure Life Vault, you can spend it happily. Do not make life too complicated with all the information and document management. Do not ever miss to share life critical information with your loved ones.

Let us help you stay organised in your day-to-day activities and pass on your legacy to your loved ones.

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