How to De-clutter your Day-to-Day Life?

How to De-clutter your Day-to-Day Life?

How to De-clutter your Day-to-Day Life?

Imagine a paperless organisation system for all your personal and critical documents and information. It will definitely give you the peace of mind you need. You’ll surely heave a sigh of relief as you look at an uncluttered and clear desk!Having all your information stored in a digital vault with everything tagged, named and categorised can make life much easier and organised.

As per a survey, most people do not organise their important financial information and critical documents. Failure to keep all your important documents, passwords and financials in one place, can cost you and your family a very heavy price in the long run. Don’t let that happen to you, its time you DECLUTTER!

Most of us shove important papers in a random drawer in the house, only to be remembered at a time when we are in serious need of it. These are crucial records which are needed during the course of your life and after. Storing hard copies is not only cumbersome but also extremely unsafe.

The chances are very high that important information is lost in a house fire, damaged in a flood, stolen during a burglary or just simply misplaced by you during your routine cleaning. Whatever the case maybe, once you lose the documents, they are lost forever and cannot be retrieved whatsoever.

Don’t get scared! It’s never too late to start organising yourself and being tidy. The best way to prevent the above things from happening to you is to invest in a secure life vault. Today, since people are in desperate need to get rid of paper in their life, they are storing everything that matters to them in a digital vault that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Proper storage of important information not just makes it easier for you to meet your legal obligations, but also helps you and your family manage cash flow and reduces stress.

Now that you have decided to store your documents and critical information in a digital vault online,the next step is:

  • Gathering your records
  • Storing them accurately
  • Securely sharing them with loved ones, friends, lawyers etc.
  • Keeping the information updated on a timely basis

Follow the above steps, and you’ll have your digital vault set up in no timewith of course giving you a little extra peace of mind.

Safekeeping of information often starts with the basics:

  • Contact Information:What if you accidentally format your phone and lose important contacts? It can be nerve-wracking. Thus, to avoid such a situation, store important numbers and emergency contacts of your relatives, employer etc. in the secure life vault.
  • Health records:Important information related to medication, treatment, allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • Insurance:During our lives, we take a number of policies in the name of our family members. Keep them well-informed by recording every minute detail in the digital vault. Be sure to include the policy maturity date, the sum insured and policy numbers. Whether its home, auto, medical, life or any other insurance, be sure to include the details.
  • Financial records:Money, matters!Store passwords, bank account details, institution names, phone numbers and credit card details.
  • Passwords:Today, there are many online services that multiple people in the house use, but only one manages. At any point, if the person managing these accounts is not available, it becomes a hassle for the rest of the family members. No matter how silly the password may seem, whether it’s for Netflix, PlayStation or AppStore, store it in the digital vault to avoid any kind of inconvenience for your family.
  • Miscellaneous:In this folder, you can have information with regard to your pet, car, child, home inventory items, club membership or any other information relevant to you.

De-cluttering and storing all your vital information in one accessible place can be comforting for both you, and your loved ones. Learn more on Secure Life Vault here.

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