How to be disaster-ready!

How to be disaster-ready!

The recent Kerala tragedy took everyone by surprise. Nobody knew the enormity of the disaster. Which is why it’s important to pack up a few things in a bag that could help you in case mishap hits closer home.

Cash: First, an immediate tip. Sometimes, you forget your wallet at home or don’t have any cash left. Here is where stashing some cash in your two wheeler or car’s glove box comes in handy. In just the same way, keeping cash in your disaster prep bag is quite important. In places where cards don’t work, cash definitely does. Always. And yes, keep it in a waterproof pouch, just in case.

ID: Never underestimate the power of your ID card that not only has your age, name, address but also your blood group and emergency contact number. During mishaps, this is the only way to identify you and alert your relatives. Make sure to laminate it and keep it in a waterproof pouch for double protection.

Miscellaneous stuff: Call us paranoid, but all these are important when you are caught in a sticky situation. Masks, first air kits, whistle, duct tape, paper maps of the area where you live, copies of all your important documents, birth control pills, chocolates, knife, blankets, sanitary napkins, flashlight, batteries, backpacks for each person in the family which contains all these essential items, water purification tablets, extra pair of prescription glasses (if you were one)… you get the drift?

Solar-Powered radio and phone charger: The names say it all. But where you don’t get a solar-powered charger, you can go for the manual, hand cranked variety.

Clothes: Judging from the weather in your area, carry your jackets, hats and underwear. And yes, carry mosquito repellant sprays. Don’t forget sanitisers and lots of paper handkerchiefs to keep you in good hygiene as you might be without water for days.

If you are wondering how you can keep all your important documents in one place, there’s another way out for you. Sign up on Secure Life Vault, and upload scans of all the things that matter to you: IDs, medical and insurance records, property and asset records, and so on. This will be your go-to place in case you are stranded without an important document anywhere in the world.

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