Apps to Help You in an Emergency – Part 2

Apps to Help You in an Emergency – Part 2

In continuation of our series on emergency apps that you should use right away, here are a few more to protect you for life’s many eventualities.



Think of three people who are part of your safety net. They could be any of your parents, siblings or friends. These are individuals who will take your call dead in the night or rush to your place when you need help or lend you money when you are bankrupt or homeless. Once you’ve figured out who they are, download the MY3 app and stay forever connected with them. When you are depressed or feeling suicidal, reach out to them through this app. As the app says, ‘Remember, there is hope and a life to look forward to even in your darkest moments – this app can help you get through the difficult moments.’ It not only helps you create your support system but also helps you build a safety plan toolbox complete with a list of coping strategies, and the people or places that can distract you from your current state of thoughts to something more comforting and safe. MY3 was developed in partnership between the California Mental Health Services Authority and the Link2Health Solutions. Its development was funded by the voter approved Mental Health Services Act.


Google Translate

When you are travelling or have to interact with foreigners as part of your job, this app is crucial. From getting directions to communicating with each other, you can type in the text or input the images of the road and direction signs, and then receive translations as written text or read aloud. Just remember to download the languages you’ll need ahead of time, so you can access them offline later.


Gaia GPS

You want to go hiking into the wilderness where there are no cellphone networks or too many people. That is when you need the ‘Gaia GPS’ app. Don’t leave home without it. The best part of this app is that you can download all the topographic, satellite, and road maps before you go on a trek. These offline maps will help you find your way around the wilderness in addition to checking out the hiking routes used by the various trekking communities. Also, the app has intelligent routing tools that will navigate you from Point A to Point B without much fuss.



Beware of WhatsApp forwards that might not be factually correct. Similarly, in the age of fake news, it’s difficult to distinguish between hearsay and unsubstantial data with actual facts. Here is where this website and mobile app will come in handy. Look it up to know the composition of tablets to symptoms of ailments. And when you need first aid tips, this app has the best information that you can use even when you are offline.


Offline Survival Manual

This app goes a step up from WebMD when it concerns first aid tips, particularly when you are in the great outdoors. From bites to falls to stings in the wilderness, it gives you handy tips on how to guard yourself, stay safe and also tackle emergencies when they happen. It provides excellent first-aid information on topics like bites, stings, and environmental injuries. The only downside is that this app is only available on Android. For something similar for Apple devices, you can check out SAS Survival Guide.



If you want to be tracked and track your near and dear ones, this app is manna from heaven. At any point, you can see where your spouse or sibling is. What’s more, you can also send an alert if you stuck in an emergency and you can’t make a phone call.



This is a nifty little free service on the web. You don’t even need a smartphone for this. Just sign up with your name and phone number and you are good to go. Imagine meeting someone you don’t know for sure or you are taking a new route and not sure if it’s fine or if you are coming home after midnight. In such circumstances, set up an alert. If you don’t respond to an SMS within the specified time, an SMS alert will go the emergency contact you have predefined. This is a great check-in safety tool you can use for a variety of purposes. Like getting out of a meeting you want to escape from and so on.


Weather Underground

This is just what the expert ordered during emergencies. Imagine getting stuck outside during thunderstorms, heavy rains, or any other severe weather condition. This app will alert you well in advance. And if you are stuck outdoors because of a sudden weather change, you can look up the app’s detailed forecasts and radar maps to figure out when the climate will change for the better.


And Finally…

No one can live on forever. So how do you inform your near and dear ones about your critical medical, financial and other personal details? Just sign up with Secure Life Vault for complete peace of mind. It’s the most comprehensive digital locker on the planet. Stay safe, plan ahead.

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