A Secure Way of Sharing Critical Information with your Family

A Secure Way of Sharing Critical Information with your Family

A Secure Way of sharingCritical Information with your Family

In today’s fast-paced world, legacy planning is the need of the hour. Building a family legacy is not just about money and other legal documents. It is making sure that ‘what you have’ lives on through many generations. Prevalent in the olden days and today, the head of the family usually hesitates to share personal financial data with the family. He or she feels that money is a very private affair that can alter family dynamics.

All that said and done, it is very important in today’s times to open up to your family. You never know when your spouse, sibling or adult child, may have to step in or fill in for you if you are incapacitated or dead. Also, by including your family members in your circle of financial trust, you give them the opportunity to learn while you are around. Transparency is the best approach to estate planning.

To eliminate risks, sharing financial information with your family is well worth it, only if it is done RIGHT!

In a lifetime, we all accumulate myriad of valuable documents, legal papers, critical information and passwords concerning our family and business lives. Storing all these can be quite a haphazard affair. There may be times when your spouse or child is even unaware of any life insurance you took in their name.

After you’ve departed from this world, your family lives on with the thought that they have absolutely no assets or financial support whereas in reality you have left sufficient finances for them and gone. Failure to inform your familyputs all your efforts you took in saving, planning and investing for their security, down the drain. This could leave family members of the deceased, helpless.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple and secure way of keeping all your critical information organised in one place? Thanks to Secure Life Vault, you can now manage all your financial information, personal details, critical information, passwords and reminders, in one common digital vault. This will not only help you record information important to you, the right way, but will also keep your family members informed of all that you have accumulated in your lifetime.

Today, estate and legacy planning is becoming increasingly popular in large as well as small families. Securing all your critical information in a secure life vault can provide a source of income for generations to come as well as keep your valuable assets safe and efficiently passed on to your children and future generations.

What to share with family members?

A secure life vault has a complete checklist of information that you may want to share with your loved ones. As you decide what you are going to be sharing with them, remember that your main purpose is to bring critical information to their notice in case they need to take over the reins. Always keep that in mind! From insurance policies to bank account details, equity investments, mutual fund investments and wills, disclosure is crucial. Most importantly, highlight the money you borrowed or loaned out. Not informing them about your liabilities can lead to many complications. In certain cases, the ignorance of your family members can be taken advantage off.

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