A Digital Vault to Protect your Legacy

A Digital Vault to Protect your Legacy

A Digital Vault to Protect your Legacy

There was a time when storing important documents meant putting them away in a locker or safe in a steel trunk at home. With changing times, it is not just little financial information, files or documents an individual has to deal with. It is instead a lot more information than before, such as investment documents, property deeds, insurance policies, mutual funds, loan papers, KYC documents, income tax records, wills, legal casesand more.

Did you know? Nearly 43% women in India have no idea about their husband’s financial, insurance and personal details. Since family members have no clue about important documents, insurance policies etc. they are left helpless and are forced to take loans to raise children and lead a comfortable life, in case anything happens to the head of the family.

To make sure your family does not fall in such kind of a trap, keep them informed about all your financial decisions by storing all information important to you in one placethat can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This will help them live therest of their life in comfort and security in your absence.

With SecureLifeVault, you can keep all your life critical information in once place and also share it with your family and trusted friends. It helps you unclutter your life and stay organized and also pass on your legacy to your generations securely.

Benefits of SecureLifeVault

  • All information in one place: With SecureLifeVault, you can have all your information secured in one place. The checklist on the dashboard ensures that a you don’t not miss storing any important or critical information. This helps unclutter your life and stay organized.
  • Easy to access:When you store all your documents and information in one place, it is easy to access / locate too. Not only by you, but also by your family members in situations when you can’t access them.
  • Choose what to share with whom: You can assign as many deputies as you want to your vault but have complete control over what to share with whom during normal course of your life. You will also be notified as to which section of your vault was accessed by whom.
  • Pass your legacy to your generations: Natural disasters and death is beyond our control. In case of any untoward incident, the emergency deputy chosen by you gets complete access to your vault. So your legacy is protected and passed on to your generations.
  • Complete security:SecureLifeVault uses bank level encryption techniques which protects your data from hackers. It is also tested and being continuously monitored by professional security experts and it is 100% secure.
  • 100% privacy: Only you and your assigned deputies can access your information. Even the company’s employees can’t access the information thanks to the complex encryption techniques. 
  • Cost-effective:Have peace of mind at just 999/- per year. You can also subscribe to one-month free trial to check the benefits of the product.It’s high time your family knows where to find all your important personal and financial information. For more information, please visit https://securelifevault.com/

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