5 Reasons A Digital Locker Can Save Your Family

5 Reasons A Digital Locker Can Save Your Family

A digital locker can be god-sent. Let us explain. We lead such hectic lives that we end up misplacing the last medical prescription of our doctor. Now imagine storing your entire medical history, be it bills, references, x-rays, MRI reports, and so on. And even if you meticulously keep a folder specifically for it, chances of house fires or misplacing them due to shifting of houses cannot be ruled out. And the biggest problem of them all is the issue of storing important documents in different folders for various purposes.

Is the laptop bill in the ‘Purchase receipts’ folder or the ‘expenses’ folder as you want to claim a tax depreciation on it? Or even worse, you don’t know where you must have kept it? Is it in your Gmail account as a soft copy instead? In all such scenarios, it pays to be have a digital locker that allows you to immediately store both offline and online receipts in clearly demarcated folders, so you don’t have to waste time or get anxious about having misplaced an important document. More than losing a document, it’s about not getting what you want when you need it, like your medical history to diagnose your slipped disc issue, for example.

Here is where SecureLifeVault can help in a number of ways…

1. Stay connected always: With its advanced document management system, you can access your important digital documents in the cloud anytime and anywhere.

2. It’s always secure: With bank-level encryption, you are assured of accessing any document, be it school and college mark sheets, migration certificates, residential proofs, medical records, birth certificates, driving license, and so on.

3. It’s your very own digital locker: Just the way you keep all your valuables in bank deposit lockers, it’s just crucial to have a digital locker to store all your information, so it’s easily accessible to you while you are alive and to your dependents when you are gone. SecureLifeVault is like a central repository that can be accessible by everyone you authorise from any part of the world.

4. Size does not matter: Instead of dumping documents in different folders, safe deposit lockers or in shelves, drawers and storage devices or your computer, it’s always prudent to also have a digital backup of it to be stored in a secure cloud. The beauty of it is that you can store billions of documents that are safe and secure.

5. Speedy, transparent and accountability: Most of all, a digital locker like Secure Life Vault consolidates all your crucial data in one wholesome package, reduces costs and time. In addition, it ensures that accessing the data is speedy, transparent, secure and accountable. Welcome to the new age. Transform your storage solutions. Move to the cloud. Welcome to SecureLifeVault. We have the right infrastructure and system in place to cater to all your digital storage requirements.

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