Once you have all your critical information entered, make sure to get it into the hands of those who matter.

  • SecureLifeVault makes data inheritance simple.
  • After creating your SecureLifeVault, you can assign deputies/beneficiaries who will be able to access the vault.

Heaven forbid if something happens to you, all your important digital assets are passed on to the deputies that you assign. The deputies you assign can be anyone you know and trust. For example: Spouse, Child, Parent, Trusted Friend, Financial Advisor etc. You can add as many deputies as you want, thus giving them access to important sections of your vault when they need them the most.

  • There are two types of deputies you can assign - Normal Deputy and Emergency Deputy.

Both the deputies will be able to access information only you want them to see. However, a normal deputy will continue to have access only to those sections to which you have given him access.

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